The Raw Truth

Health is wealth!! To operate at 100% we must take in to consideration mother earth. We are all one, with everything that exists, including the very living earth we reside on. She has provided us everything necessary to fully heal our "dis-eases". The most nutrition we can possibly get is through raw fruits and vegetable and sprouted nuts and seeds. So for healing, uncooked natural foods allow our body the extra energy it needs to rejuvenate and detoxify. Along with our physical body our emotional body also begins to heal. Trauma can be stored in the cells emotional body, physical symptoms are indicitive of emotional suffering, conscious or unconscious. What we put in our body and how we treat our body temple effects our preceptions. I wouldn't begin to press detoxification on to anyone, but rather ask yourself, what if you are reading this as a clue, something to dive deaper in to the research? What if our society's idea of diet keeps us trapped, trapped from our innate vitality through fear? There in no doubt in my mind everything that the earth provides we can consume without chemically altering it. I think each of us have a responsibility for ourselves, others, and mother earth to seek harmony. Our research becomes our knowledge, and when knowledge is applied it becomes wisdom. 


The body is in elimination stage apon waking, so if there is one thing you learn from this page its to try eating fruit for breakfast. It is called break-fast. The body is astonishing, its our best friend, its always ready to fight for us even when we aren't for it, and in giving it assistance it will begin to heal. The mental clarity and spiritual closeness we begin to embody on this journey is a whole new world. 

 I've found fasting to release doubt and hesitation. The art feels as if it creates itself, the connection with the higher power is stronger. Fear isn't real, and yet until we jump we can't talk about it. I can't tell you I can only show you. So everyday becomes a prayer, a once and lifetime opportunity to be present to all each moment brings us.  


I grew up on the standard american diet (SAD), I suffered from acne, digestive issues, skin cancer, anxiety, low self esteem and excess weight. I've tried all different diets and believe in using myself as an experiment to test theories surrounding food consumption. Raw fruit and veggies have restored my health and is the basis I've used in healing myself mentally and physically. I had an accident a few years back and lay unconscious for two hours. I awoke in an ambulance with a fractured skull and eye socket. Ever since that incident I am facinated with death. I feel suffering is much worse than death, and maybe thats what we actually fear. I hope for all human beings to be healthy and happy until the great transformer named death. This is motivation, to be a living example of what a living foods lifestyle can bring.



    This is where meditation meets exercise. Think of it as a first date. It can be a bit uncomfortable until we relax. Stretching is a way the body communicates with  the mind. We have the opportunity to be intimate with each and every muscle that supports our movements. In doing this we create more blood flow which creates more energy, better digestion and assists the body in detoxification. 

      Although I find intuition to be a great guide for what my body needs, I do have a routine practice I use first thing in the morning. I am a ceritfied yoga instructor, and seek to create my life sharing this practice.

Guided Meditation

    In order to create an experience we must create an intention as well as balance the energies within our body. The world consists by polarity, and within us the feminine and masculine energies, the left and the right brain. We learn in life when we are still the skill to walk through life with the attitude of gratitude. In stillness we find ourselves within the greatest gift we have ever received, our body, the mechanism that we use to express life and create more. 

       Our mind is a useful servant to the body when programmed to see life through the love glasses of gratitude.


I don't think any opinions should ever seperate us and that remaining open to new ideas and concepts can only evolve us further in to love. For the reality we live in is one we should respect and honor. I know when we take in consideration the well being of all we become closer to ourselves and the earth, we start to navigate using our hearts