Life Guidance

Evolutionary awakening

Each of us is a student and a teacher.  I believe all our questions have answers and can be found within ourselves.  This is the beginning of a new world culture, one where the power is put back into the hands of those whose hearts are open.  There will be a huge importance put into community, for we learn and grow through this platform.  We are coming into a time of each one teach one, and trusting that we are lead into divine encounters and experiences for our evolution. 

All of us came with gifts,  but a lot of us are still exploring what those gifts may be.  We may have experienced trauma and shame that have suppressed us and left us in doubt of what we are actually here to do.  What we will find out is just the mere curiosity and the asking of the questions bring about knowledge that sets us out in discovery.  This is the brilliant orchestration of what prayer and wonder can create in an open and willing vessel. 

It took me many years to begin to walk into the truth of my purpose.  And now here I am, making myself available to be in service to anyone who may resonate with my message.  I believe we all need each other, and this whole mission I'm on is dedicated to those who have came into my life and been visionary with me, activated the potential within me and shown me how powerful prayer and surrender truly are.  It's time we make that kind exchange with each other,  the kind of exchange where the recognition of our true identity is given reverence and can expand beyond just us.  We are here to participate in the birth of a new culture.