Our gifts

I've painted on and off my whole life. I spent so much time during the process doubting myself and judging my creations. I did hair as a career and used that as my main creative outlet, in that I had success, I had acceptance, and the ability to make others feel good. My path has lead me back to painting, and doing hair has made it possible. I've realized in the healing of myself I am able to fully channel the spirit into painting. To create the most beautiful things I can possibly dream, that is the consciousness I am sharing through the art.


The pace

I've kept my art to myself, waiting for the divine to assist me in my presentation. I knew when the time was right and I could communicate properly my intention, and I knew it had to come with balance in my lifestyle, a full immersion into each and every moment in my life.  A sacred feminine dance, a place of submission in to an open space of outpouring love at all costs. A place where I made something like washing dishes a beautiful experience, a focus on breath and detail, that was my training for my art and my life.


For sale

The art is all is for sale, please email me with the title you are interested in. The money is to be invested in the bigger vision, the one of healing centers, for us and mother earth. The knowledge of permaculture right along side with technology.  We are not playing to win, we play to continue playing....and if we want to continue to play our process is one of self discovery and love, the healing of ourselves and our earth. 

The prayer

I could never conceptualize the fullness of what is in store for my future, for my greatest vision could never compare to the grandeur of what spirit has in store. I pray to be used, to be prepared and to be in position for all moments I am to be of service. Allow the love in my heart to pour out around me and carry me in to whatever is in store...amen

Just because

I believe money is energy, what we expend in energy we get back. If you feel inspired by me or this website and feel you'd like to donate to the art of love, I would appreciate it and send it forward. For my true desire is to always be at service. 

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